Washington State Letting People Register to Vote Through Facebook

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This is the direction Pennsylvania needs to be moving in. Making it easier to register, and easier to vote through online registration, same-day registration, no-excuse absentee ballots, and early voting.

Adam Mazmanian:

Washington state, which has allowed online voter registration since 2008, is looking to reach potential voters via their favorite Internet haunt, Facebook.

The state is rolling out a Facebook application later this week that will allow eligible state residents to register to vote from their Facebook page. Designed by Microsoft, the application or API (application programming interface) will put a screen from the official state website into a user’s Facebook page, and will automatically add some of the information already in a Facebook profile, including name and date of birth.

The initiative on Facebook hasn’t been formally launched, but Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed mentioned it at a conference over the weekend. Facebook declined to comment.

Rock the Vote also launched a new feature on Friday that directly connects its voter-education and registration effort with Washington’s online voter registration system.

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