Who Will Be Most Affected By #VoterID

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Above Average Jane rounds up some recent stories. Bob Warner has been absolutely killing it on this:

Three recent newspaper articles point out three groups that will have particular difficulty getting the right kind of id to vote in November:

Women (“Woman’s ordeal shows voter id pitfalls,” by Bob Warner, Inquirer 7/17).  Our friends at PennDOT require a paper trail for any name change.  Most women change their name when they marry which will require a marriage license as well as a birth certificate for those who are trying to get a state photo id.  Those who change their names more than once have a more difficult task.

The elderly (Analysis:  “ID law will most affect Philly voters over 80,” by Bob Warner, Inquirer 7/17).  According to this article nearly 1 in 4 Philadelphia voters over the age of 80 don’t have the right kind of id to vote this November.

State employees (“State ID badges will need to be modified for voter identification use,” by Jan Murphy, Patriot News 7/17).  State employee id badges don’t have an expiration date, one of the criteria needed to be considered an acceptable form on id for the November election.


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