A Fox Guarding the Hen House

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Shouldn’t the dude who runs the Department of Environmental Protection, you know, want to protect the environment?

It’s fine to disagree about the merits of competing claims, of course, but the problem with Michael Krancer is that he sounds like a gas company spokesman most of the time. He clearly sees his job as defending gas companies from environmental advocates.

It’s true that gas companies and environmental advocacy orgs both like to seize on new (often inconclusive) research to make the case for or against fracking regulations, but I think most observers would agree that the gas industry has been somewhat more aggressive in funding and propagating specious research, and also that gas companies are advocating a riskier course of action than environmentalists. Michael Krancer doesn’t appear to see it this way, and has made it abundantly clear that he thinks the state is currently overprotecting the environment, and he would like to do even less.

We tend to take it for granted that Republicans will appoint people to regulatory agencies who openly oppose the mission of those regulatory agencies, but it’s worth stepping back from time to time to reflect on how insane this is.

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