Are You On Corbett’s List?

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Cool website from the PA Dems helps you figure out if you’ll have any trouble voting due to the voter ID law. Go double check even if you think you’re in the clear!


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One Response to Are You On Corbett’s List?

  1. Victoria says:

    The question I have about this link:

    It can tell you if you are a registered voter but does it tell you if your driver’s license is good enough to be used to vote?

    Supposedly, the way you are listed on the registration list compared to your driver’s licenses may cause voting problems:

    – women with differing information due to name changes from getting married may have problems voting.
    -People with typos on their ID – such as a middle initial difference may have problems.
    -Or people with differences in full name and nicknames- Micheal / Mike may have problems

    Or there are people like me, I received my DMV papers to get my drivers license but the papers were mistakenly thrown away. I do not have an official pa driver license. Yet when I entered my name I came up clear.