Come Back Keegan!

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Yesterday we found out that only 28% of PA voters think Tom Corbett is doing a good or excellent job, but Sy Snyder thinks he’s having a good week. #cmonson

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4 Responses to Come Back Keegan!

  1. Mary Hamilton says:

    I don’t know Jon. I see where Sy is coming from. He acknowledged Corbett’s tanking approval ratings. The Up Arrow was given because of the Voter ID decision… he’s been failing in the polls for a while, but the Voter ID decision probably made this one comparatively good week for him. Also, don’t be so mean. It’s not a flattering character trait.

    • Jon says:

      I just think it’s annoying when pundits make stuff up even when the numbers say a different thing. It’s true that voter ID is popular, but there’s no evidence that this is showing up in the polls as increased support for Corbett. This has been the number one issue in PA politics for like two months now, and Corbett’s numbers keep going down.

  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    When you deprive people of their civil rights you can’t expect them to fall all over themselves to express their love for you. I can’t wait to vote Mr. Corbett out of office before he makes Pennsylvania an even more untenable place to live. I love my home. I hold no such affection, or respect, for Mr. Corbett.

  3. Ed H. says:

    Unfortunately, Corbett’s position is popular among most voters. Is it a lie based on hysterical rantings and excellent propaganda leading ignorant people to the wrong conclusions about elections? Yes. But it is an up for Corbett and the GOP in their quest to disenfranchise the poor, young and elderly, in their quest to allow a guy like Romney win by blocking voters from voting, instead of winning on ideas.