If You Don’t Like Corbett, Don’t Vote for GOP State Reps and Senators

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I know this seems like a banal point, but given that nobody really seems to be projecting Tom Corbett’s terrible poll numbers to translate into record GOP losses in November’s state House and Senate elections, this is apparently something we need to keep explaining to people.

It’s not complicated. Corbett can’t keep doing all the stuff you don’t like if he doesn’t have Republican majorities in the state House and Senate. Therefore, if you don’t like Corbett’s political agenda, you need to vote out the GOP reps and Senators in your district. It’s that simple.

Kevin Harley wants you to believe Tom Corbett is “not on the ballot this year”, but he’s wrong. Corbett’s name isn’t on the ballot, but his political agenda absolutely is.

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2 Responses to If You Don’t Like Corbett, Don’t Vote for GOP State Reps and Senators

  1. ImaVoter says:

    The problem is that there are still too many blue dogs running as Democrats for State House and State Senate in parts of this state. If I see one more white male so-called Democratic candidate proclaiming that he’s “pro-life and pro-gun” I will scream. Does this mean that, should they win, these “Democrats” would potentially vote to overturn Roe V. Wade or promote assault weapons? Will they vote against their party and for Corbett’s anti woman agenda?

    Sadly many Democratic voters don’t see a dime’s worth of difference between these blue dog Democrats and the Republicans they are running against. At least with the Republicans you know what you are getting.

  2. Jon says:

    You should work to beat those people in primaries then. But in the general election, there’s always a more left wing candidate and a more right wing candidate. If you think policy in Harrisburg is too right wing, then you need to vote for the candidate from the more left wing party. Even if that person sucks on the issues, s/he is going to vote for a Democratic for Majority Leader, and give Democrats majority control of the chamber.