Jose Rosado Should Replace Joe Brennan in #HD133

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John Micek says Jose Rosado, Mayor of Fountain Hill, is one of the candidates apparently in the running to replace Joe Brennan on the ballot in the HD-133 this November:

At least two area Democrats, Fountain Hill Mayor Jose Rosado and Bethlehem attorney Anthony Rybak, both of whom ran and lost to Brennan in a four-way Democratic primary in 2006, have announced their interest in the seat.

Another local Democrat, Coplay Councilman Bill Leiner Jr., has also been mentioned as a potential candidate.

I like Jose Rosado for this seat for two reasons. The first is that he outranks the other two guys mentioned. Mayor beats Councilman, beats Attorney.

The other reason is that, as Micek pointed out in Morning Coffee this morning, Rosado would be the first Latino elected to state government from the Lehigh Valley. That would be a great fit for Bethlehem’s Southside neighborhoods, which make up a big part of the district, and have a significant Latino population. Latinos have been one of the major driving forces behind the Lehigh Valley’s population growth the past decade, and it’s about time they had some representation in the region’s Harrisburg delegation.

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