Keith Rothfus’ Tax Avoidance is a Substantive Issue

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I was disappointed to see this opinion from Sy Snyder:

PA-12. With all of Rep. Mark Critz’s (D-Cambria) attention turned toward his opponent Keith Rothfus, and whether or not he should hire workers as consultants, the district’s voters have lost out on a week of campaigning – serious, down-to-the-issues campaigning. While we don’t know whether Rothfus is dodging taxes, we do know we’d like to see less Twitter bickering and more productivity.

Most voters have already made up their minds on the candidates because they’re partisans of either party. The swing voters who are actually up for grabs don’t really have strong policy views. That’s what makes them swing voters. They’re more likely to be evaluating the candidates as people, judging them on their character and personal values.

I think the tax avoidance issue gets right at what kind of a man Keith Rothfus is. He, like Mitt Romney, is a guy who seeks out weasely ways to avoid paying taxes. And as a politician, he’s a member of a political party that is constantly defending tax avoidance behavior as patriotic. It’s fair to argue that using loopholes like this is fair game until politicians get around to closing them. But the Republicans also don’t want to close the loopholes. In Congress, Rothfus can be expected to defend precisely the kind of slipshod tax policies that he is currently exploiting as a candidate.

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4 Responses to Keith Rothfus’ Tax Avoidance is a Substantive Issue

  1. Jake Sternberger says:

    Yeah, Keegan’s on his honeymoon this week–I’ve been giving PoliticsPA a free pass.

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  3. Mitch says:

    What American doesn’t try to pay the least amount of taxes possible? Maximize deductions? Is this unamerican? Didn’t Pres. Obama’s tax returns reflect an effort to pay the least amount of taxes by taking valid tax deductions? This complaint is comical coming from the Democratic party – the party of division and class warfare where close to 50 of Americans pay no federal taxes and the tax paying population is vilified.