Morning Call: 33% of Lehigh Valley Seniors Don’t Have Photo ID

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John Micek on an analysis piece by Scott Kraus, Gene Tauber and himself:

If there’s one group likely to be inconvenienced by the state’s new voter ID law in November, it’s the elderly, our Mothership colleagues Scott Kraus and Gene Tauber report (with an assist from your humble blogger).

A Morning Call analysis of the state’s admittedly flawed database of voters who may lack valid state-issued ID shows those over age 65 are more likely than any other age group to be caught without the identification they will need to vote in the presidential election.
In the 13 southeastern Pennsylvania counties — from Philadelphia in the south to Dauphin in the west and Schuylkill in the north — that account for close to half of the state’s 8.3 million registered voters, about 15 percent of those over 65 may not have valid ID.
It’s even more pronounced in the Lehigh Valley, where seniors make up 21 percent of registered voters in Lehigh and Northampton counties but 33 percent of voters the state has identified as lacking state-issued photo ID.

In recent years, older voters have become an increasingly Republican-leaning voting bloc. It’ll be interesting to see what this means for the swingy 15th District, which has been expected to reelect Barack Obama and Bob Casey in the statewide contest, but then stupidly split its ticket to reelect Republican legislators.

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