PA-3: Missa Eaton Calls on Mike Kelly to Apologize for Comparing Free Birth Control to 9/11

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Missa Eaton, Democratic candidate for PA-3, responds to Mike Kelly’s insane rant comparing free birth control insurance coverage to mass murder:

First and foremost, Mike Kelly must absolutely apologize to the victims and families affected by the horrible attacks on Pearl Harbor and on 9/11. The comparison is ludicrous and compares foreign acts of aggression upon our nation to a piece of domestic legislation that sincerely tries to provide women with access to quality, affordable healthcare.

If you’re tired of Tea Party nuts like Mike Kelly running the House, today would be a good day to head over to Missa Eaton’s ActBlue page and give her some money.

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5 Responses to PA-3: Missa Eaton Calls on Mike Kelly to Apologize for Comparing Free Birth Control to 9/11

  1. AJ Rucky says:

    I’m a Republican, but comments like this make me question what happened to my party. This is the most disrespectful, tact-less comment I’ve ever heard — comparing women’s health care to the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children and the sacrifices made by thousands of brave American soldiers.

    This is despicable. I don’t care who you are–Republican or Democrat or Independent. We need to all get together and say “Enough!” I’ve never donated to a Democrat in my life, but today I’m going to Missa Eaton’s page at and sending her $100 to send this crazy tea party bum home.

  2. James J. Donovan, IV says:

    Taxpayer funded contraception is the true abomination! You left wing liberal wack-job socialists parading around under the mask of being progressives are the true enemy and far more destructive than any foreign threat! You will all be made to pay for your transgressions in the presence of the Lord God Himself! Millions of defenseless babies in the bellies of selfish women who use abortion as a means of birth control are being MURDERED! I think Mr. Kelly’s comments are spot on and as a Democrat whose party has left him, I will do the same as AJ but instead donate $1,000 to KELLY.

    • Roe Breslin says:

      YOU’RE the wack-job… contraception is NOT going to be “taxpayer funded”… MY private health insurance co. is going to cover it… without charging me a (monthly) $10 co-pay (much like your mental illness meds are covered). Do yourself a favor and turn off Fox News channel and READ… start with the ACA so you know what’s in it!

  3. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Actually, I didn’t know that my free mammogram and pap smears had become the moral equivalent of my uncle, John Rohulich, getting killed at St. Lo in WWII. By actual, real Nazis. I had uncles who fought in the Pacific, and suffered mightily at the hands of Japanese forces. I want an apology, too. On behalf of ALL WWII vets. I also want to know which toxic substances Mr. Kelly has encountered so that I can avoid them. Apparently his mental state has become seriously altered.