PA-Sen: Tom Smith Just Can’t Stop Talking Down to Women

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Tom Smith:

“Perhaps where we’re making our mistake is that we are asking President Obama and Senator Bob Casey to do something they have no knowledge of. They’ve never been in business, they’ve never ran [sic] businesses, they don’t have that knowledge … It would be like, your wife wrecks your car. You’re gonna take it to the beauty salon to get fixed? No.”

Pretty sure no actual women think you take a wrecked car to the “beauty salon”.

The “shoes” comment provides a nice window into how crappy Tom Smith’s political skills are. The women give Smith an opening to say something encouraging about women getting involved in politics (“we’re talking about the power of petite women”), but rather than riffing on that, his instinct is to make a belittling joke (“My guess would have been you were talking about shoes”). Even at a political rally, women just can’t get their minds off shoes! Try to imagine a woman politician saying a similar thing to some dudes. Doesn’t really work, right?

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