PennDOT Not Ready to Implement #VoterID

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From the new Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center report:

•In only 13% of observations was there signage in the reception area indicating a voter ID could be obtained. In almost half the visits, neither signs nor written information was observed.

•While most PennDOT staff encountered by our volunteers were familiar with the request for voter ID, in nearly half the visits individuals were given incomplete or inaccurate information.

•Few PennDOT staff volunteered that a voter ID could be acquired for free, and in three in 10 cases, volunteers were told incorrectly that they would have to pay.

•The standard form for obtaining a non-photo ID does not indicate that it is available for free to certain voters, and a second form required to get the ID was not readily available.

•The number and hours of operation of PennDOT offices are quite limited. There are 71 driver’s license centers in all of Pennsylvania, and nine counties do not have any centers at all. In an additional 20 counties, the driver’s license center is open three days a week or less.

•One in five volunteers had to return a second time because the Driver License center or Photo License center was closed.

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3 Responses to PennDOT Not Ready to Implement #VoterID

  1. Cleanup Philly says:

    PennDOT has already been issuing photo IDs at a good clip. This “survey” can’t be expected to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, Al Schmidt’s troubling report of endemic voter fraud in Philly was swept under the press carpet.

    Is this really journalism?