Romney’s “Didn’t Build That” Attacks Flop

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Greg Sargent looks at the recent polls showing Obama increasing his national lead. Guess rightwing class war messages don’t have much truck with the general electorate:

Yet the new CNN poll finds there has been a slightly upward movement in the number who think Obama favors the middle class over the rich or poor. A plurality, 42 percent, say this about Obama; pluralties of independents (42) and moderates (48) say the same. Smaller minorities of both groups say he favors the poor.

By contrast, pluralities of Tea Partyers (47) and of conservatives (44) say Obama favors the poor — a suggestion that this attack line is resonating mainly with the base, which may be its primary goal.

Meanwhile, a solid majority, 64 percent, say Romney favors the rich; 68 percent of independents and 74 percent of moderates say the same — meaning Obama’s class-based attack on Bain, tax returns and offshore accounts may be faring better than Romney’s class-based assault.

Meanwhile, in the new Fox News poll, Obama has his highest favorable rating in more than a year, while Romney’s favorable rating has dropped six since last month and his unfavorable numbers have gone up five. And the recent round of NYT/CBS swing state polls found Obama faring far better than Romney on the question of who understands the needs and problems of ordinary people.

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