Some People Will Have to Go to PennDOT Twice to Get New #VoterID

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Mary Wilson says some people will have to go to the licensing center twice:

The Committee of Seventy, an advocacy group that has been opposed to the state’s new photo requirement at the polls from the get-go, has raised concerns that getting a DOS voter ID won’t be such a simple undertaking for Pennsylvania-born residents.

Why? The answer is somewhat involved.

Remember: the Department of State voter ID, or the DOS ID, as we’ll call it, was created by the state as a “safety net” – an additional ID option for people having difficulty forking over the documents required to get a PennDOT license – like a birth certificate and a Social Security card. The DOS ID requires none of that. Registered voters only need their Social Security number and two proofs of residence.

They also need to sign a paper saying they can’t get the documents they’d need for a PennDOT license.

And therein lies the difficulty, said Committee of Seventy spokeswoman, Ellen Kaplan. Many Pennsylvania-born voters won’t be eligible for the DOS ID at all, because they should be able to get at least their birth certificates – and there’s a process to check the records at the Department of Health. But waiting around for that certification could take two weeks, and would require making a second trip to a PennDOT licensing center.

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