Suburban Philly GOPers In Denial About How Toxic RyanCare Is

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Gerlach is adopting a defiant stance. He did not back away from his votes for Ryan’s budgets, saying the public recognized changes were needed in Medicare to preserve the popular program.

“Voters are tired of Democrats blaming officials who try to put something forward to solve the problem,” Gerlach said.

Damned if I can find a single poll that bears out either of these claims from Gerlach. On the contrary, Republicans just had a blockbuster election cycle two years ago attacking Medicare cuts. What’s more, those were cuts that hit providers, not beneficiaries, and helped shore up Medicare’s trust fund.

Why would Gerlach think a proposal that actually does hit beneficiaries would go over any better with voters? People aren’t stupid. If RyanCare was any good, there’d be no need to exempt people over 55.

(Thanks: Jonathan Tamari)

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