Why Romney’s Pulling Back on PA Ad Spending

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John Micek reads the new Quinnipiac poll, which finds PA slipping further away from Romney. Obama leads by 11, and the internals are even worse for Mitt. Check out that 24-point gap with women!:

•Pennsylvania women voters back Obama 59 – 35 percent, while men go 50 percent for Romney and 47 percent for Obama. Independent voters back Obama 58 – 36 percent.

•Among Obama voters, 59 percent strongly favor him while 33 percent like him with reservations and 7 percent say their vote is against Romney.

•Among Romney voters, 41 percent strongly favor him while 37 percent like him with reservations and 22 percent say they are voting against Obama.

•Obama has a 53 – 42 percent favorability rating, while Romney has a negative 39 – 47 percent favorability rating.

•The economy is the most important issue in the election for 54 percent of Pennsylvania voters, with 20 percent who pick health care and 8 percent who cite the budget deficit.

•Obama would do a better job on the economy than Romney, Pennsylvania likely voters say 48 – 44 percent. The president is better on health care, voters say 51 – 41 percent.

•Obama’s policies would hurt rather than help them, Pennsylvania voters say 37 – 23 percent, while 37 percent see no difference. Romney would hurt rather than help, voters say 32 – 26 percent, while 37 percent see no difference.

As you can see, people have mostly made up their minds by this point, and there isn’t a whole lot more that spending on persuasion can do, which is probably why Mitt’s been pulling back ad spending.

PA is a turnout battle state. There aren’t a whole lot of swing voters, rather the party bases are pretty evenly matched and the swing state status is more about who actually shows up to vote. The Romney campaign’s best hope is that the voter ID law is upheld, which would basically do all the work for them, suppressing Democratic turnout in the big population centers, and leaving Romney to focus on turning out Republican voters in the T and Republican-leaning suburbs.

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16 Responses to Why Romney’s Pulling Back on PA Ad Spending

  1. bigfoot9p6 says:

    So Romney basically can’t win without discouraging/suppressing voters. It says alot about a man’s patriotism when his prospects for victory are dependent upon dissuading Americans from exercising their constitutional rights.

    • BigDave99 says:

      Just curious. What would make a person spout such stupid trash as that? Obviously you are one of the many blindly following the president. Believing but not confirming anything the president says. Look closely. Compare the history of the two men. Discouraging and suppressing voters? Where, when, how?

      • BigDaveisadummy says:

        Nice try. It’s the voter suppression ….er, voter ID law the fascist legislators in PA are trying to push through. Ugh.

        • Jon says:

          Did push through, sadly

        • Southern Woman says:

          Yeah, sure. Preventing the dead from voting is voter “suppression”.
          Preventing people’s pets from voting is voter “suppression”.
          Preventing illegals from voting is voter “suppression”.
          The democrat party is so accustomed to voter fraud that the thought of having to go through an election cycle with voter fraud “suppressed”, terrifies them.

          • Emilio says:

            And not a whit of what you’ve added to this conversation bears a ring of truth. Like all the other members on your team, the GOP Liars, you inhabit an alternate universe, one in which up is down and false becomes true.

      • Jim C says:

        Yeah , why would somebody spout the obvious truth . Compare the history , ok , one guy inherited his wealth and bought the nomination and the other worked his way up from the middle class . One guy used his inherited wealth and advantages to start a vulture capital company whose major purpose was to suck the wealth out of acquired companies and get rich . The other guy was a law professor and did mostly public service . Disparaging and attempting to suppress the vote has been a conservative goal for over a hundred years . Where , the south and anywhere possible . Where , pretty much continually anytime possible since the late 1800’s . How , Jim Crow laws , voter tests , phony purges etc etc etc .

        • Southern Woman says:

          Which candidate “worked his way up”?
          Everything he has was given to him on a dung platter.
          He is the first affirmative action president and knows nothing about working at anything.
          He is the dems little toy; little puppet.
          He is the country’s monster.

          • Emilio says:

            Obviously, you have a race problem and therefore nothing you care to add to this conversation bears any resemblance to objectivity. I’d suggest that you seek counseling for your mental imbalance.

  2. Charlie says:

    Here in Tennessee, we’ve encouraged poll workers to ignore the law and let our friends and neighbors vote without showing a photo.

    • Southern Woman says:

      Well, THAT’S brilliant, Charlie. Go ahead with the Democrat MO and encourage voter fraud.
      You prove my point.

      • Emilio says:

        Idiotic clownette that you are should know that non-citizens cannot just walk into a polling place and vote, oh wait, that’s what the right wing lunatic media has been pumping into the empty caverns of the authoritarian brains of people like yourself. Hey, Dufette, go get some education.

      • David Hill says:

        Southern Woman, ‘because I said so’ does not count as evidence. Now voter REGISTRATION fraud is a problem, although it’s a problem with no real teeth unless there proof of actual VOTER fraud.

        I know Project Veritas attempted voter fraud just to show that it was possible. The problem is that THEY GOT CAUGHT. They cited their failed efforts as proof that voter fraud exists, even though their getting caught was proof that it doesn’t.

        But you’re the one accusing the Democrats of voter fraud. So let’s see it. If you can cite examples where a total of at least 1000 voters were fraudulent, you might make a believer out of me. Considering how many people voter ID laws seek to disenfranchise, 1000 is not a lot.

  3. castor says:

    i hope romney wins. the middle class WILL win… the chinese middle class.
    (i’m chinese btw)