Your Wingnut Congressman Won’t Fund His Own Transpo Earmarks, So Obama Will

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From my inbox:

The Obama Administration today announced that it won’t allow infrastructure funds to sit idle as a result of stalled earmark projects at a time when hundreds of thousands of construction workers are looking for work. U.S Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is making $29 million in unspent earmarks immediately available to Pennsylvania for projects that will create jobs and help improve transportation across the state.

These funds for Pennsylvania are included in a nationwide total of $473 million that is being turned back to all 50 states, the District and Puerto Rico.

Here are the projects Obama is funding in PA:

Delaware River Port Authority–Ben Franklin Bridge, Pennsylvania
Downtown Butler Cityscape Project (PA)
Frazer Township Interchange, Pennsylvania
Improve access to the Pennsylvania Correctional Institute near Brownsville, PA
Logan Square Access and Safety Improvements, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PCDC Bus-stop Related Facility Enhancements
Streetscape/Roadway Improvements to the Chester City (PA) Waterfront
Susquehanna Road/Limekin Road/Norfork Southern Bridge project, Pennsylvania
26th Street Extension – Philadelphia Naval Business Center, Pennsylvania
Alle-Kiski Connector Bridge, Pennsylvania
Connector Road between the newly relocated State Route 1045 and Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Donald Lane/Industrial Park Road/Elton Road Improvement, Pennsylvania
I-81 Rebuild/Expansion, Pennsylvania
North Delaware River Road, Pennsylvania
Roaring Springs Retaining Wall, Pennsylvania
State Route 30/981 Upgrade Project, Pennsylvania
U.S. Route 13 Corridor Redevelopment, Pennsylvania
West Philadelphia Streetscape/Gateway Improvements, Pennsylvania
Yannuzi Drive/Bradford Street, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
GEARS Intelligent Transportation Systems, PA
Greater Nanticoke (Luzerne Co, PA) Connector Road, PA
I-79 Parkway West ramp construction and widening, PA
Main Street Extension Realignment, Freemansburg, PA
Navy Yard Reconstruction of Broad Street Quaywall, PA
PA-10 widening, New Morgan Borough, PA
Penn and Smallman Street Gateways Project, PA
Uniontown to Brownsville–Mon Fayette Expressway, PA

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2 Responses to Your Wingnut Congressman Won’t Fund His Own Transpo Earmarks, So Obama Will

  1. SoPhi says:

    I would like to point out (I am a liberal in full disclosure) that many of these projects are in Philly and Philly is not represented by any wingnuts.

  2. Susan Gibbons says:

    I t hink the headline is misleading. States must tell the federal government how they will apply the funds for highway, transit, passenger rail, or port projects by October 1 and then have a definite plan in place by December 31.
    That falls on the governors…and the state legislatures…in which Penna does have wingnuts..