Rape Victim’s Dad Says GOP Ad Lying About Kathleen Kane

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Chris Brennan has the story:

“The advertisement says that Kathleen Kane made a plea bargain in a rape case that a judge says wasn’t tough enough,” the father wrote in a letter released Friday by Kane’s campaign. “I know that’s a lie, because it was my daughter that was the victim in the case.

The father goes on to say Kane played no role in the case. He calls on the RSLC to take down the ad, adding that the Republican candidate, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed should do the same. “If they can’t convince people to vote for him without lying, he should not even be running,” the father concludes about the RSLC and Freed.

His letter is backed up by a letter from Gene Talerico, the 1st assistant district attorney in Lackawanna County, who accuses the RSLC of using “distortions and outright falsehoods” in the ad. Talerico, who supervised the rape case, said he can “unequivocally state” that Kane had no involvement in how it was resolved. Talerico said Kane role was an “administrative function,” signing the original charges against the rapist before another assistant district attorney took over.

The ad continued to air Saturday and Sunday even after the RSLC said they’d correct it. It’ll be funny to see how they demonstrate that Kathleen Kane is “soft” on rape now that they have to do a vivisection on the ad’s central claim.

Also it’s pretty galling watching the Republicans acting like they’re the party to trust on rape justice even as they seek to redefine and minimize it in various other venues.

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One Response to Rape Victim’s Dad Says GOP Ad Lying About Kathleen Kane

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Republicans lying for political gain, as sure as the sun rising each morning.