RSLC Hits Kathleen Kane For Calling Out RSLC’s False Claims

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But the father of the victim in that case rebuked the ad Friday, saying Kane was not involved with the plea deal. One of Kane’s fellow Assistant District Attorneys in Lackawanna County, Gene Talerico, also said the claim was false. He said Kane’s name was on an early court filing in the case in a preliminary, administrative function and not pertaining to the plea deal.

The new version quixotically blasts Kane for pushing back against the RSLC’s false claim about that case.

“Now, she lets others take responsibility for violent criminals given weak plea deals,” the ad’s announcer accuses, citing a news story about Kane’s campaign fact check on the first version of their ad.

Got that? Kathleen Kane having nothing to do with the case in question turns into “lets others take responsibility.” Well yeah duh, she actually wasn’t responsible. What was she supposed to say? “Yeah you’re right dudes, even though I didn’t work on this case, I take full responsibility for that plea deal that I didn’t negotiate.”

I’m very proud of the PA media – particularly Chris Brennan and John Micek – for aggressively calling out RSLC on this false ad. Hopefully with enough pushback from the press this smear will backfire on Dave Freed’s campaign.

(Thanks: Keegan Gibson)

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