But How Many Degrees From Kevin Bacon is Mumia Abu-Jamal?

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Keegan Gibson brings a well-deserved smack down on Seth Williams, who compares the NRCC’s absurd linkage of Kathy Boockvar and Mumia Abu-Jamal with the “seven degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon” game. It’s Six Degrees, Seth! :

For the record: the game is six degrees of Kevin Bacon, not seven. And as near as we can figure it, Boockvar is still closer to Abu Jamal by 1 degree.

Boockvar to Abu Jamal:
1. Kathy Boockvar is married to Jordan Yeager.
2. Jordan Yeager represented Veronica Jones in court in 1996.
3. Veronica Jones testified against Mumia Abu Jamal in 1982 (and later recanted her testimony).

Boockvar to Kevin Bacon:
1. Kathy Boockvar has attended several events with Nancy Pelosi and would probably support her for House Speaker.
2. Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore appeared in Climate Refugees.
3. Al Gore and Tim Robbins appeared in Johnny Cash’s America.
4. Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon appeared in Mystic River.

For the record, Mumia Abu-Jamal is only 2 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Mumia was in In Prison My Whole Life with Mos Def, and Mos Def appeared alongside Kevin Bacon in The Woodsman.

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