Help Pittsburgh’s Food Trucks Change City’s Anti-Competitive Food Truck Laws

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To my delight, AmyJo Brown reports that Pittsburgh’s food truck owners are getting organized, and building support for a push to change the city’s anti-competitive mobile vendor ordinance. You can get involved by going to their new website or following them on Twitter @pghmobilefood.

You can also attend one of these events they’ve organized:

Two lectures on “How to Change a Law,” are planned. Wednesday’s lecture features a Food Truck 101 discussion on “competition law and the constitution” at Bar Marco, 2216 Penn Avenue at 7 p.m.

It will be followed Oct. 10, same place, same time, with a Food Truck 201 discussion on “drafting new legislation.” Both lectures are being held with the help of the Washington D.C.-based Institute for Justice and Pittsburgh’s Saxifrage School.

A community support rally will wrap up the events Sunday, Oct. 14 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Location to be announced on Twitter. Follow @franktuary and @pghmobilefood for updates.

Institute for Justice has a nice report here on what a good vendor ordinance would look like.

The key is using city regulations to promote competition, not restrict it. There is just no legitimate public interest in reducing the number of food choices available to city residents. The only people who are helped by restricting competition are mediocre and overpriced restaurants. Introducing more price and quality competition from mobile vendors is going to be a huge win for the rest of the food-buying public. This is a real opportunity to unlock a better food scene in Pittsburgh for literally no cost to the taxpayer.

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