Herman Cain Wants You To Intimidate Your Employees

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Last Friday Herman Cain’s “Truth Tour” made a stop in Philly, at the non-union Ritz-Carlton downtown, to remind employers to pressure workers to vote for Romney. Cain’s new group, The Job Creators Action Fund, provides management with the materials to  subject employees to a series of regurgitated conservative talking points of the healthcare=job killer variety. (“Stop the Assault on Free Enterprise,” a banner on the fundraising page reads, complete with image of a smirking old Roger Sterling lookalike.)

“Because one of the reasons we had to do this truth tour is that stupid people are ruining America. Some of them don’t know they’re stupid. But they are ruining America,” Cain told area  business owners, as they lunched on free salmon and mussels  He also explained that “The mission is to defeat Barack Obama.”

Cain’s organization provides “Talking points or scripts for meetings, town halls, or internal communications.” This could include mandatory at-work meetings and video screenings about political issues, including endorsements of candidates, as well as mailers,leaflets, and social media outreach. All of which is perfectly legal. And, as I explained on Friday, the American worker’s near-total lack of freedom at work leaves her with no safe or effective outlet to express their own political views.

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