Introducing the KP Guest Bloggers!

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I will surely go down as the worst political blogger ever for this, but I totally scheduled my wedding and honeymoon for the last two weeks of October in a Presidential election year. (I know.) From tomorrow through October 30, I will mostly be away from the Internet, spending time with my new wife instead of writing blog posts.

But! That doesn’t mean the Keystone Politics blog will be going dark. I would never leave you hanging like that. In my absence, I have lined up some guest bloggers to keep you informed and entertained:

Greg Palmer – O.G. Keystone Politics editor and site founder

Jake Sternberger – KP writer, troublemaker and lover of inflatable props, botched political mailers and state alcohol monopolies

Bram Reichbaum: proprietor of the excellent Pittsburgh Comet blog on PGH municipal finance and development politics

Jake Blumgart – contributor to Philly City Paper, Next American City and Slate

Ben Turner – employee of PA House Democrats (blogging on his own time of course); former press secretary (2000-03) to Paul Kanjorski, and former co-chair and co-founder of the PA Capital Region chapter of the Stonewall Democrats

By the way, I consulted my binder full of women and couldn’t find anybody who wanted to do this, so don’t think the dude-heavy lineup is going unnoticed by me. If you are a woman who is a writer and you want to do some political blogging, please email me at

Ok everybody, have a great two weeks. See you back here on the 31st!

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One Response to Introducing the KP Guest Bloggers!

  1. Ed H. says:

    Beat of luck to you and your new bride, Jon.