No, Mitt Romney’s Plan Does Not Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

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Paul Krugman says that unless Mitt Romney was shaking the Etch-a-Sketch right before our eyes, he’s lying about his plan for pre-existing conditions. The campaign confirmed after the debate that the plan does not do what Romney claimed it does:

MR. ROMNEY: Let — well, actually — actually it’s — it’s — it’s a lengthy description, but number one, pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan.

No, they aren’t. Romney’s advisers have conceded as much in the past; last night they did it again.

I guess you could say that Romney’s claim wasn’t exactly a lie, since some people with preexisting conditions would retain coverage. But as I said, it’s the moral equivalent of a lie; if you think he promised something real, you’re the butt of a sick joke.

And we’re talking about a lot of people left out in the cold — 89 million, to be precise.

And here is the actual Romney campaign’s fact check on their own policy:

Pressed by TPM’s Evan McMorris-Santoro, Fehrnstrom said those who currently lack coverage because they have pre-existing conditions would need their states to implement their own laws — like Romney’s own Massachusetts health care law — that ban insurance company from discriminating against sick people.

“We’d like to see states do what Massachusetts did,” Fehrnstrom said. “In Massachusetts we have a ban on pre-existing conditions.”

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One Response to No, Mitt Romney’s Plan Does Not Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

  1. Brian Maple says:

    The amount of lies Mr. Romney told in this first debate is shocking. Fact checkers are having a busy day today, lol! 72 Million Americans will be left without any health insurance at all under Romney’s plan by 2020. This is a fact. This is something he dared not say in the debate. Why would he? Shame.