#sandyinphilly (UPDATE)

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Philadelphia seems to have escaped Hurricane Sandy mostly unscathed. I’ve been in touch with friends in almost every neighborhood, from the northeast to South Philly, Kensington to Strawberry Mansion and Brewerytown and everyone is safe and dry. Everyone has power. All are still enjoying the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed.   I don’t know anyone in Manayunk though, which is very close to the Schuylkill River. But radio reports say the damage is less there than was expected. We lost a couple trees in West Philly, but nothing else as far as I can tell.  PECO reports only a relatively small number of customers in Philadelphia County without power, although the number of power outages across Southeastern Pennsylvania is record breaking. No major injuries or deaths reported in Philadelphia itself.

The trolleys, el, and the subways will all be back online by noon, as will most of the buses, unlike our comrades up in New York City. MTA declares that it has no timetable for getting its buses and subways running again. Lower Manhattan seems to have borne the brunt of the storm there (click the link for amazing photos from The Atlantic).

In conclusion, two best climate change related Facebook posts about Sandy: “At what carbon level do we stop calling these ‘natural’ disasters?”- Will Haywood

“The news is calling this a ‘Frankenstorm’ because it was the unintended result of man-made global warming, right?” – Jeff Muckensturm

Photos of damages to the city from Philadelphia’s own Dustin Slaughter. The first of a collapsed building near Memphis and Huntingdon streets in Kensington. More after the jump.


Flooded tunnel on Tulip Street, downed tree in Fishtown (and a very lucky jeep owner):

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