The Philly Skinny is Back

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For anybody interested in Philadelphia real estate news, go check out the new Philly Skinny site. Michael Burlando needs your help keeping track of all the new construction projects in the pipeline:

Brad Maule’s original skinny did a great job of chronicling the ups and down of the last great building boom in Philadelphia. I’m trying to keep the same basic, utilitarian approach, but I’d love for the site to be more crowd-sourced, both to get more information in one place, and to keep the information up-to-date without too much effort on the part of any one individual. So, if you have a few minutes, submit a project using the tab above, or click on “The Skinny” to see where we’re at. Rest assured that it will be quirky and odd at first, but hopefully it will come together with a little time.

(h/t GroJLart)

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