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Why Property Assessment Is So Screwed Up in Pennsylvania, and What to Do About It

Lots of interesting info in this Pew report on Actual Value Initiative assessment reform in Philly. Sandy Smith has you covered on the local angle, but this is a state blog so I’ll throw up the section on what Harrisburg’s … More after the jump

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High Housing and Transportation Costs and Wage Politics

Your nominal wage is the number on your paycheck, but your real wage captures how far you can stretch that paycheck. It’s not particularly helpful if your paycheck goes up, but the prices of the stuff you have to spend … More after the jump

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Pittsburgh Is One of Just 3 Major US Cities In Recovery, But You’d Never Know It Reading PA Media

Reuters: Knoxville is a member of a very small club. Three and a half years since the 2007-09 economic recession ended, only three major U.S. metropolitan areas are experiencing an economic recovery, according to the Brookings Institution. The Washington-based research … More after the jump

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Really Dems?

I  do not like the message it sends to invite an alcoholic wifebeater back into the Party in an official capacity. I really do not like that message at all…

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What Do We Mean By Affordable Housing?

Samantha Melamed puts the controversy over the Kenyatta Johnson Housing Shortage Bill in a more helpful context, describing it as a clash between competing visions of an affordable housing agenda. I think any discussion of affordable housing in Philadelphia ought to start with this fact: “In … More after the jump

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What Do People Want in a Conservative Democrat?

Totally agree with Jake on the 12th District politics, and I like that he said what positions his dream Blue Dog would support. Non-Jake political activists should try to be clearer about what they mean when they say we should … More after the jump

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Destroy Councilmanic Zoning

On the one hand, I’m glad to see that Darrell Clarke had the good sense not to subject all the city’s RM-1 zones to the zoning changes he wanted to make for just one part of his District. Parking minimums … More after the jump

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Shorter Boehner: Democrats Should Propose the Spending Cuts For Us

It continues to amaze me how bizarre the Republican negotiating position is on the austerity crisis. House Republicans say there’s a “price for everything” to avert the austerity crisis and raise the debt ceiling, but they won’t say what that … More after the jump

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Christie’s Sandy Aid Ask a Threat to John Boehner’s Speakership

Great points from Stan Collender: 1. The total amount of aid that will be requested by the states affected by Sandy will be between $80 billion and $100 billion. 2. House and Senate Republicans seem poised to demand offsetting spending … More after the jump

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Philly City Council Passes the Kenyatta Johnson Housing Shortage Bill Unanimously

Chris Sawyer is depressing me: As expected, City Council ignored everything and invoked Councilmanic Privilege, the misguided belief that anything a member of Council proposes for his district, must be cool and no one on Council will question it. Here … More after the jump

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