Best endorsement of the 2012 election

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From my man Joss Whedon: lets vote for the candidate who is most likely to hasten the zombie apocalypse.

“Mitt is ready. He’s not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans, because that’s how he sees poor people already…Lets all embrace the future, stop pretending we care about each other and start hording canned goods.”

With the Walking Dead finally getting good (it only took three seasons), I’m feeling more prepared than ever . I’ll just hole up in Eastern State Penitentiary and eat spam. What better way to spend a decade or three?

Zomney in 2012.

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2 Responses to Best endorsement of the 2012 election

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  2. Jon says:

    Booo Season 2 was great! You’re fired