Brad Osborne Bails Out Lehigh Tea Party Commissioners

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The budget that Republicans on the Lehigh Commission were trying to pass was completely insane, but once again I have to say that Wayne Woodman can teach Democrats a thing or two about running a political party at the local level.

Fuddyduddy centrist types always seem put off by the idea that a party would actually try its best to pass the agenda its members campaigned on. But that’s how political accountability works. You campaign on some issues, and if you get elected you try to pass them. If people like what you did, they reelect you, and if they don’t, you lose.

Republicans persuaded Lehigh County voters to give them a supermajority on the Commission with a platform to cut taxes and cut spending. I think that’s a terrible idea right now, but that’s the agenda the voters chose, and the Republicans should get to do what they want. They’re absolutely right to try to oust Brad Osbourne for scuttling the veto override. He’s preventing them from doing what they campaigned on, and voters are going to hold them accountable for the results whether their agenda passed or not.

Now, I think the results of the budget cuts would’ve been a disaster and that this would’ve provided an object lesson in why you don’t elect Republicans to run anything. Osbourne bailed out the GOP – they’ll never face the electoral blowback they deserve because Lehigh residents will never feel the true impact of the agenda they campaigned on.

But the Republicans obviously disagree with my assessment of how well their plan would’ve worked, and their view deserves to prevail because they won the elections and my side didn’t

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