Brian Sims Becomes PA’s First Gay State Legislator

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This was basically settled in the primary, since no Republican was going to win in the Gayborhood, but it’s worth reflecting once again on how awesome it is that Brian Sims just got elected as PA’s first gay state legislator.

John Micek:

In Addition To The First Woman Attorney General …
… Pennsylvania has also elected its first openly gay state legislator.
Meet state Rep.-Elect Brian Sims of Philadelphia, who replaced long-serving state Rep. Babette Josephs.Sims, an attorney by trade, will represent the Center City-based 182nd House District.In a note posted to his Facebook page on Tuesday night, Sims said he hopes his election will trigger a “progressive storm” and lead to the election of other out legislators.

“I’m hopeful that when the dust settles, not only will I be joined by other out, LGBT state legislators in Pennsylvania, but hopefully dozens more in legislatures across the country, and our first ever out Senator!” Sims wrote. “Together, we have made history in Pennsylvania…THANK YOU!”

Welcome aboard, Mr. Sims. This place is surreal, we assure you

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One Response to Brian Sims Becomes PA’s First Gay State Legislator

  1. Karel Minor says:

    I just hope he swears in on a pink bound bible!