Call for Input: Our Dismal PA Congressional Delegation

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I am calling for input on an article I will be composing this weekend regarding the current state of Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation. After the 2012 election, there are now only 5 Democrats opposing 13 Republicans.

I am calling for input because I know that there are A LOT of staffers and operatives out there who will want to anonymously give their feedback on what went wrong across the Commonwealth and how to do better next time.

You can submit your comments anonymously.

Self-criticism is something that our party does not do well.  We must say what needs to be said, learn the lessons, and act on our mistakes.

Please send all input, comments, and even data sets to

Again, the purpose of this piece is to be constructive. The goal is to gain back Democratic seats in our Congressional delegation.  The goal is not to simply crap on the party, or individuals.

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Jake Sternberger has been a contributing writer at Keystone Politics since 2011. Sternberger primarily covers campaigns and elections, drawing from his experience working on municipal, county, congressional, and statewide PA races doing field, communications, and campaign management. He is currently a law student. Email: Twitter: @JakeSternberger
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5 Responses to Call for Input: Our Dismal PA Congressional Delegation

  1. Jon says:

    Don’t put Allyson Schwartz in charge of recruitment next time

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  3. Gina Strandlien says:

    Gerrymandering is killing us. It brings out Democratic candidates who parade (or are) against our platform. This is demoralizing and saps us of strength on women’s issues, environment, health care, and budget issues. We need courageous and strong Democrats, even in gerrymandered districts, to overcome the enthusiasm problem. We need to fix the gerrymandering.

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