Democratic Turnout Fell in PA From 2008

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Andrew McGill is killin my vibe:

Though President Barack Obama won Pennsylvania, preliminary ballot results suggest his victory came in spite of declining Democratic voter interest, which sank from the heady heights of 2008 in both Allegheny County and statewide.

Though actual party breakdowns won’t be available for weeks, preliminary state figures show nearly all counties that lean Democrat saw a decline in participation since 2008 — about 2 percent. Counties with a Republican majority, on the other hand, saw a slight uptick.

In Allegheny County, participation fell in both Republican and Democratic communities. But Democratic strongholds felt the pain much more, losing three times as many voters to absenteeism as Republican towns.

Important qualification from Chris Briem though:

Many political scientists eye turnout figures suspiciously, preferring to compare the number of ballots cast to the total population of voting-age citizens, a more reliable baseline. Motor-voter initiatives and other registration drives, while increasing access to voting, have inflated the number of unengaged citizens on the rolls, University of Pittsburgh economist Christopher Briem said.

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2 Responses to Democratic Turnout Fell in PA From 2008

  1. phillydem says:

    I was looking at the returns by precinct from Beaver county. OFA is famous for its micro-targeting. Given there are many conservaDems in the state, I really wonder if the Dem turnout was more a case of OFA turning out D VOTING Dems and not R VOTING Dems. In Phila, Romney got 30k fewer votes than McCain in 2008. I haven’t looked at the numbers, but it would be interesting to see the turnout in the conservative Dem precincts like the River Wards and lower NE.

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