How Gerrymandering Saved PA House Republicans

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Dave Weigel explains how PA Republicans gerrymandered their way to reelection:

Mitt Romney made a late play for Pennsylvania. Super PACs dive-bombed the state with ads; the candidate made two stops to the state in the last 48 hours of the race. Despite that, the president carried the state by 5 points, similiar to the margin Al Gore won by in 2000. And despite that, this was what happened in Pennsylvania’s House races.

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 9.41.41 AM

Maybe you can’t tell, but this map, with Republican-held seats in red and Democratic seats in blue, shows the president’s party with five of Pennsylvania’s 13 House seats. Democrats have been packed into three uncompetitive seats around Philadelphia, an uncompetitive seat in the Lehigh Valley, and a safe seat in Pittsburgh. The state’s suburbs, exurbs, and rural areas have been rigged to be just outside the range where Democrats might win them.

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