John Hanger Open Thread

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What do y’all think about John Hanger maybe running for Governor? I like his blog but am not that familiar with his record at DEP.

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6 Responses to John Hanger Open Thread

  1. I think whoever it is, Gov. Corbett has an uphill climb…Accoring to PPI he trails a generic Dem 48-37 and I was talking to a few of the guys poll watching for Republican campaigns last Tuesday while I was poll watching for a Democratic Candidate in a heavily GOP precinct talk about Corbett hopefully facing a primary.

  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Mr. Hanger is largely unknown beyond those of us who deal with PADEP on a regular basis. Adm. Sestak would be the more recognizable choice.

  3. Rex says:

    John Hanger is a nice guy, has some decent connections to money that might help him a primary, but he has nothing to run on. He’s an environmentalist that allowed the beginning stages of fracking. Not gonna go very far.

    • Jon says:

      I don’t actually think his positions on fracking are that bad. Nothing inconsistent with my view at least. Develop the industry, but tax the hell out of it at the state level, tax the hell out of the land at the local level, and raise the bonding requirements high enough to squeeze most fly-by-night small drillers out of the market. We’ll get a highly regulated state-enforced cartel of large drillers who can afford to pay in full for any environmental accidents, and we’ll get a ton of revenue for public programs.

  4. Jan Jarrett says:

    John is as well known across the state as most of the other possible Democratic challengers. The one exception might be Sestak, but right now, the admiral lives in Virginia. John is an acknowledged expert on energy issues and the economics of energy. He has a comprehensive vision for how to move PA forward through investments in education, infrastructure, etc…He is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage. Anybody who knows John knows you can’t rule him out. He’s a fighter and can articulate a compelling message. His decision to run is serious and his chances at this early stage are as good as anyone elses – better in my view.