Kathleen Kane Wants PA to Lead on Consumer Protection

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Looks like PA might get its very own Elizabeth Warren. John Micek talks to AG-elect Kathleen Kane:

Q: It’s been said that you plan to beef up the office of consumer advocate to make it a more effective voice for consumers. Do you see yourself joining in more multi-state prosecutions, such as the ones that led to settlements with the mortgage industry and tobacco industry? What will be your barometer for joining those suits?

A: I think that consumer protection, on a larger scale, has been dormant for a number of years. First we need to look at mortgage fraud crimes, student loan fraud crimes and crimes against our veterans.

Where it’s appropriate we’ll be joining with other states or leading the other states. But this must be a very fair process. It’s a process meant to protect consumers. But it’s an economic issue also. There are good companies in this state and we need to make sure that good companies are able to compete. Nobody should cut corners. That’s a crime against consumers and an economic crime against fair business practices.

Q: Past occupants of your office have been faulted for not being proactive enough in getting in front of these large multi-state lawsuits. Do you envision yourself taking the lead on such efforts, or would it be case-specific?

A: It is case specific. I think Pennsylvania should be more of a leader. But it does have to be case-specific. If the people of Pennsylvania are being deprived of hundreds of millions of dollars, they deserve to have it returned to the commonwealth. If we find that it’s happening, we will proceed in a prosecution to have it restored. I won’t walk away from issues like that.

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3 Responses to Kathleen Kane Wants PA to Lead on Consumer Protection

  1. phillydem says:

    I like this Q&A better when she’s asked about how the guv has essentially asked her to “play nice” with him. So far, so good. Love her. :)

    Q: Since your election, Gov. Corbett has said he hopes you’ll put politics aside to work with the administration, since there’s cooperation with the office of general counsel and other legal operations. You’ve made it pretty clear that you intend to be an aggressive watchdog. Is it possible to be both and to carry out the duties where state interests intersect?

    A: I view them existing exactly how they should exist. The governor’s office has a job to do and it does it. The attorney general has a job to do and we do it. The attorney general is an independent office and it needs to behave that way. And when everyone does their job, that’s when government works best.

    Sometimes we’ll agree and sometimes we’ll disagree. And that’s how it’s got to work. I will be an independent attorney general. It not only works best for our system of government, it also works best for protecting the people.”

    • Jon says:

      Yeah that was a great quote. Very interested to see how the Sandusky investigation investigation goes down.

      • phillydem says:

        Jon, victim 1, iirc, just had a book, co-written with the social worker who treated him, released about his ordeal. I read an excerpt on one of the Penn State boards and the most damning political stuff related to Corbett and how he pulled staff away from the investigation to focus on indicting his political opponents instead. IMHO, this is going to play out somewhat like Watergate where pulling one string leads to others until the whole ball unravels. I thinl Corbett knows this and that’s a big reason he’s urging her to “put politics aside”.