PA-15: New DPI: 43.4%

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A traditional definition of Democratic Performance Index (DPI) is ‘a baseline indication of a generic Democratic candidate’s performance.’

The easiest way to describe DPI, I think, to somebody who may not quite understand it is: “Imagine a Democratic candidate that does absolutely nothing and still garners votes in a particular district; the percentage that candidate receives is that district’s DPI.”

Therefore, at least during Presidential years, Pennsylvania’s 15th congressional district might have a new DPI of 43.4%:

While, again, this 43% DPI is likely only the norm for Presidential elections — perhaps even only Obama-turnout elections — Democratic candidates that run in the PA-15 should still take note (especially for whomever runs in 2016) of this potential new DPI, because this is the percentage of the electorate that you can win without any fundraising or much campaigning.

Focus on that 7% during your persuasion phase; it’s all you need before turnout.

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