Shorter Boehner: Democrats Should Propose the Spending Cuts For Us

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It continues to amaze me how bizarre the Republican negotiating position is on the austerity crisis. House Republicans say there’s a “price for everything” to avert the austerity crisis and raise the debt ceiling, but they won’t say what that price is. They say they want to do entitlement cuts, but are insisting that President Obama and the Democrats identify some cuts for them to demand.

What? If people want spending cuts then they need to propose some spending cuts. Democrats aren’t the ones demanding spending cuts, so quite sensibly, they’re not proposing any. Republicans are the ones who want the cuts, so why are they keeping it a secret? Say what you want!

This whole thing is going to be a lot simpler if we just wait until after January 1st, when the only question to debate will be how much to cut taxes.

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