Barry Schoch: Bike/Ped Funding Safe

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This Jon Schmitz article is so dense with transportation news, it could power like 4 blog posts.

I’ll pull two items of interest to this blog and send you over to the P-G . First, bike/ped funding is safe. Washington Republicans gave states the option of cutting this funding, but Barry Schoch doesn’t wanna:

Despite Congress doing away with a requirement that 3 percent of federal transportation funding be spent on “enhancements” including bike and pedestrian trails, Pennsylvania will not cut funding of those items. “Bicycles are an important part of transportation and recreation,” Mr. Schoch said.

Schoch also wants to start looking at autonomous vehicles policy. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to be a revolutionary technology – think ubiquitous cheap taxis that dramatically ratchet down demand for individual car ownership, parking, etc – but only if incumbent businesses who stand to lose out don’t persuade lawmakers to overregulate them:

Mr. Schoch also wants the department to start considering the implications of self-driving vehicles and said PennDOT is joining with Carnegie Mellon University on a study of how they would effect highway design and construction.

“I have 18-month-old twins. They might not ever drive a car,” he said in his remarks to the 12th annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Smart Growth Conference. “I think autonomous vehicles are going to happen, and I think PennDOT should embrace that. This is the future of transportation. We need to do the research today.”

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