Boehner’s Plan B Only Uniting House Democrats

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Wisdom from Stan Collender:
Second, Boehner’s response to the White House’s latest offer — his Plan B — is making things worse not better and is going to leave him in a worse rather than a better negotiating position. Bringing a bill to the House floor that keeps the existing tax rates in place for everyone except those earning $1 million a year may well pass — almost all Democrats are likely to vote against it as will some tax-increases-over-my-dead body tea partiers — but all that will do is give Boehner less room to maneuver if and when he returns to the negotiating table. How can he accept a deal that increases taxes for those earning less than $1 million if the GOP caucus has just said that’s what it wants?

In the meantime, Boehner’s ploy is uniting House Democrats as they haven’t been united in years, or maybe decades. In addition, now that Boehner’s Plan B is making them part of the negotiations, the White House almost certainly will have less room to maneuver as well.

If Boehner goes ahead with Plan B, it’s very likely that the Obama offer to change the way entitlements are indexed will be withdrawn because House Democrats, who will have just spoken loudly on the Boehner bill, let the president know that they don’t like it and the White House has have more reason to listen to them.

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