Destroy Andrew Cuomo

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Andrew Cuomo does not want Democrats to have a majority in the NY State Senate. Democrats had a historic opportunity to take back the Senate after decades of GOP control, but Andrew Cuomo won’t even say which party he wants to control the chamber. He’s finished for 2016, and hopefully 2014 too.

David Nir:

As a reminder, candidates with a “(D)” after their names won 33 seats this November, while Republicans only won 30. But the five members of the IDC, as well as a sixth conservative Democrat (Simcha Felder), have all elected to side with the GOP, even though I doubt that’s what they were elected for. Once again, Felder aside, this isn’t about ideology: Klein describes himself as a “progressive.” Well, there’s a ton of progressive legislation that mainstream Dems want to pass. Klein claims this is about ending dysfunction in Albany. Let’s see if he bothers pushing for a floor vote on a single Democratic priority.

And let’s not forget the blame supposedly Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo bears here, too. Cuomo not only endorsed Republican senators for re-election but he also refused to say which party he preferred to see control the Senate—even after Dems won a surprise majority on election day. And a report in Crain’s even claims (according to an unnamed source) that Klein “has been running ideas past Mr. Cuomo before moving forward.” I certainly believe it.

It’s all further proof that Cuomo, despite occasional departures like gay marriage, is deeply anti-progressive and has little interest in being a Democrat. And if there’s a silver lining, it’s that abandoning your party (and progressive ideals) at a moment of extreme need like this ought to badly hurt Cuomo with presidential primary voters, should he make the mistake of seeking the brass ring.

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5 Responses to Destroy Andrew Cuomo

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  2. Governor Cuomo behind Senate Republican Coup”

    Governor Cuomo is the force behind the Republican Senates Coup to maintain power, by buying the IDC’s allegiance in order to accomplish this end. The end result of which promises the IDC will gain huge power as brokers of future legislation enacted in the NY Senate. Governor Andrew Cuomo has once again attempted to avoid the central truth of this election and all elections really, that voters have a right to expect they get what they vote for when their candidates are elected into office. He has continued to make utterances about his ability to work with anyone and everyone. Fine Gov. Cuomo, how about getting the Democratic led Senate into place, which voters voted for and then working with them to pass your future legislative program.

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to leave the door open to run as a Republican in 2016, when he’ll likely be unable to beat off Hillary Clinton in a Presidential primary. Beyond even that requirement – gaining the nomination of a Major Party even if it’s the Republican Party – he hopes to still be attractive to his Democratic base and Independent voters in the General Presidential Election. The same Democrats who he is now selling out by standing on the sidelines, while Republicans maneuver to maintain control of the Senate body, with the help of the IDC promoting ‘Coalition government for NYS; which the Governor states he can work with now just as well as a Democratic Senate. It’s a disgrace and Cuomo’s wrong, there will be a lot of mud sticking to him as a result of this political gamesmanship he’s engineering, but still attempting to avoid taking unwanted credit for in the State Senate.

    Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

  3. parent says:

    Let’s not overlook the fact that he is decimating public education across the state. He has frozen spending and then instituted a “Gap Elimination Adjustment” (read: cuts) that are causing schools to become fiscally and educationally insolvent. Way to go, self proclaimed “Student Advocate”!

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  5. The Senate Dems are a joke says:

    If you dealt with the Senate Democrats you would realize how disorganized, inept and probably corrupt they are. As bad as the Republicans are, the Senate Dems are a disgrace. All you need to do is spend some time dealing/working with them to understand. Several of them are under investigation, many are just collecting a paycheck and I’m not sure how some of them dress themselves in the morning without getting injured. And the staff they hire is just as bad. You can’t blame Cuomo for trying to stay as far away from that train wreck as possible.

    There are a few good ones- Liz Krueger and Daniel Squadron come to mind- but too many others are a joke. Kevin Parker? Rev. Diaz? Malcolm Smith?