Michael Nutter Should Veto Brian O’Neill’s War on Ice Cream Parlors

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Jan Ransom says Michael Nutter opposes forcing would-be ice cream parlor owners and other neighborhood businesses to navigate City Council politics just to open a store, but why aren’t we hearing Nutter saying he’ll veto this thing?:

The bills would restrict certain uses on neighborhood commercial corridors like personal care homes, animal services and community gardens and requires zoning board approval or a council ordinance for other businesses like a deli, ice cream parlor or art studio and a transit station –just as it did under the old zoning code.

O’Neill has said he is trying to preserve the character of neighborhoods. The bill was held in Committee last week after several Council members raised concerns. O’Neill was working to make amendments to the bill Wednesday, but said he was unsure what the new changes would be.

The Nutter administration strongly opposes the proposals and has said it would create additional hurdles for small businesses and costly delays.

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