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Liberals Need to Have Bob Casey’s Back on Changed Gun Safety Stance

Changing your mind about an issue is difficult, and publicly changing your mind is even more difficult for a politician. It opens you up to charges from opponents that you’re an untrustworthy flip-flopper. In PA, changing your mind in favor of gun safety is surely … More after the jump

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*Clerical Error* Totally Why Corbett Failed to Disclose Fracker-Funded Vacation

Hoo boy! I do not envy Kevin Harley ever today: Marie Cusick has the bombshell: In July 2011, Governor Corbett took a vacation to Rhode Island that was paid for by a central Pennsylvania businessman with ties to the natural … More after the jump

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What Price Ideology?

Hospital networks obviously are a huge player in the PA economy, and also employ a lot of people. The Medicaid expansion would unquestionably be a good deal for the state’s large health care providers, and the rejection of federal money … More after the jump

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Michael Lamb Should Drop Out of the #PGHMayor Race

Ok, he’s not really in yet, but Michael Lamb is hiring staff so I can only assume an announcement is imminent. Nothing against Mr. Lamb personally, but the Post-Gazette editors are exactly right about this: That’s a formidable potential field, but … More after the jump

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Hail Isaiah Thompson! AxisPhilly Delivers the Assessment Explainer You Need

I was getting ready to complain about the poor explanation quality in the items on the property reassessment news out of Philly today, when Isaiah Thompson went and wrote precisely the explainer people needed to see. You can’t just throw … More after the jump

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Larry Farnese Takes the Lead on Gun Safety in PA Senate

Samantha Melamed says Larry Farnese has come up with a decent gun safety bill that I suspect most voters could probably get behind. Ordinarily a bill like this would have no chance of passing in Harrisburg, but the voters are going to want something … More after the jump

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The Keystone Politics Top 10 Albums of the Year

Trolling one’s own blog is a basic human right, so I’m going to have to interrupt the political blogging with my 10 favorite albums of the year. 2012 was a pretty excellent year for music I like, and it was … More after the jump

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The Unaccountable Judicial Branch

Joan Orie Melvin’s argument that she can’t be prosecuted because separation of powers is obviously hilarious, but it’s not as hilarious as it should be. PA’s got some real weird laws protecting judicial branch employees from accountability to the political branch, which is … More after the jump

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The Affordable Housing Coalition We Need

One thing I wish more people understood is that affordable housing politics is not a fight between “greedy developers” and renters.  Properly understood, the political economy looks like this: developers + renters + construction workers on Team Build More Housing, and incumbent landowners on Team … More after the jump

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Senate Democrats’ Plan for PA’s Distressed Older Cities Falls Far Short of What’s Needed

I was venting about this on Twitter earlier, but it deserves a proper blog post. The problems of PA’s distressed mid-sized cities are an issue I care about a great deal. Older cities are badly disadvantaged by state-level municipal finance and annexation … More after the jump

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