Pat Toomey Flashback: “My Idea of Gun Control Is a Steady Aim”

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Ha ha ha:

“My idea of gun control is a steady aim,” [Toomey] said.

Thanks to Maria at 2 Political Junkies for saving this classic from the linkrot scourge at the York Dispatch

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5 Responses to Pat Toomey Flashback: “My Idea of Gun Control Is a Steady Aim”

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Mr. Toomey’s second amendment rights do not supersede the rights of the rest of the population to public safety. I have the right to enter a public place without carrying the fear that I will be killed or maimed by one of his gun-toting brethren. And what about the rights of the Newtown Twenty? The rights of their families and friends? I have friends who don’t require military-grade weapons to pursue their hunting hobby. One of them uses a muzzle-loader that he hand-crafted himself. Wins prizes at craft shows for these works of art.

  2. Yosh says:

    Even better. It was recorded, and he said it on at least two separate occasions.

    Youtube Link

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  4. Rebekah says:

    Our founding fathers made it very clear that they support guns, and ANY TYPE of gun, for the citizen to own. And many of them. Does it make any citizen irresponsible to own them? Of course not. This entire thing is a worldwide crackdown on our guns. Look at Australia. Did gun violence go down since they have started banning guns? No, in fact it went up.

    I am so proud to live in the KEYSTONE state where there are a LOT of people who own guns. This state won’t be succumbing to the media brainwashing.

    Tragedies are what they are, so no disrespect meant there. I do NOT think it is fair to take things away from good people, though.

    I’ve also read people comment about this being about a racist thing against white people – what the hell? I know gun owners of many races. Why do people even bring race into it? At this point I’m disgressing, and I’m sorry.