Republican Voters In Denial About Unpopularity of Republican Positions

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Via Keegan Gibson, only 8 percent of the PA Republican voters polled by Mercyhurst chose the most realistic explanation for Romney’s loss – that Republican positions on the issues are unpopular with the electorate:

Pa. Republicans had several ideas about why Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election. Here’s the rundown from Mercyhurst: voters’ misperceptions about the Republican candidate or the candidate’s personality (12 percent); a poorly run Republican campaign (11 percent); voters were enticed by Obama’s promise of entitlements (9 percent): the Republican position on issues or the candidate himself were not appealing to minority voters, including women (8 percent); or voters were misinformed/uneducated on the issues (7 percent). None said Romney lost as a result of failing to unite the GOP base.

This tracks with Steve Welch’s argument that Facebook is overexposing Republican voters to the crank views of their crank Facebook friends, and propagating a comforting-yet-Party-destroying delusion that the Tea Party economic agenda is popular with the broader electorate.

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