Senate and House Dems Oppose Medicare Eligibility Change

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Senate Democrats won’t vote for a grand bargain that raises the Medicare age, and neither will House Democrats.

The House Democrats are arguably more important here, since John Boehner probably can’t find 218 votes for any deal in the Republican caucus alone. Some Tea People will invariably vote against any deal he proposes from the right, so he needs to peel off some House Democrats to pass anything.

But Nancy Pelosi’s holding all House Democrats together on the Medicare age, so the votes aren’t there to pass it out of the House.

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One Response to Senate and House Dems Oppose Medicare Eligibility Change

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Can you see a coal miner, with multiple work-related disabilities, forced to work past the age of retirement, just to keep his or her health care coverage. Unless his employer declares bankruptcy, just to avoid paying the health coverage costs of its older workers. As happened to my dad back in the 70s.