Send UPMC a Non-Binding Property Tax Bill

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Bram Reichbaum flags a Trib editorial (!!) complaining about UPMC’s tax-exempt status to note just how alone UPMC really is.

As someone who doesn’t think much of tax preferences that encourage non-profits to overconsume land, I hope Rich Fitzgerald succeeds in challenging their non-profit status.

Until that happens, if I were Rich Fitzgerald I’d be sending UPMC a non-binding land tax bill very publicly every year. I’d figure out whatever they’d be paying as a for-profit company on only the land portion of their real estate holdings, then I’d send them a bill for it, and make sure the press knows how much it is. Then I’d figure out how much lower the millage rate could be if UPMC were paying taxes on their land, and make sure the voters know how much the median homeowner could save.

Going after the non-profit status is good, but the public shaming toolkit is not yet empty.

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