We Need a State Store System for Bullets

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A state monopoly on alcohol sales makes no sense, but I think there’s a pretty decent case for a Pennsylvania Bullet Control Board whose objective is to make the purchase of bullets as “inconvenient and expensive as possible“. A bunch of Northeastern states working together could probably have some success raising the cost of bullets through price controls and high excise taxes, and a state registry of everyone who buys bullets would be a useful thing to have for crime control purposes.

Of course people who really want to get illegal ammunition could do so on the black market or by traveling outside the region, but the black market prices would still be quite expensive due to high transaction costs and the inconvenience of supplying bullets from outside the tri-state area. As Philip Bump points out, it is very hard to make homemade gunpowder.

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3 Responses to We Need a State Store System for Bullets

  1. Traci says:

    What about the people that make their own? There wouldn’t be any way to enforce who was using state issued ammunition and who wasn’t. How many game wardens would we have to hire to cover the field during hunting season? Seriously…how would this be enforced? Wouldn’t it be better to make it more difficult to own a firearm?

    • Jon says:

      It’s just really hard to make your own gun powder. It’s like making a bomb. Most people wouldn’t make the effort. People who are really determined to kill are going to get a hold of bullets no matter what, but we can cut down on some of the non-premeditated violence by making it expensive and inconvenient to buy ammunition. I don’t think making it difficult to own firearms is sustainable. People can already 3-D print a working gun. They can’t print bullets though because of the gun powder issue.

      • The One says:

        I make my own powder and it’s relatively easy to do. Just because your not smart enough to do the simplest of things on your own you should not make ridiculous statements like this. If laws stopped crime then we would not have any.