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Building Industry Slams Brian O’Neill’s Job-Killing Zoning Reforms

Good news from Samantha Melamed: Councilman Brian O’Neill’s legislation proposing sweeping, restrictive changes to zoning in certain commercial districts has been rolled back significantly already: controversial bans on urban gardens and farm markets, artist studios, prepared food shops and dry … More after the jump

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Corbett Alcohol Reform Plan Barely Lays a Hand on the Cartels

I’m working on a Patriot News op-ed on alcohol reform for this weekend that will feature some of these same points, but I can’t resist quickly commenting on the Corbett alcohol reform plan. The Good Stuff: – Grocery stores, gas … More after the jump

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Jim Ferlo’s Bad Arguments for Anti-Competitive Bar and Restaurant Regulations

I don’t agree with much of anything Jim Ferlo has to say here, but I especially want to point out how ridiculous this line of argument is: Step three: Undermine all existing licensees. Say what you want about the confusing … More after the jump

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Costa: Only $250 Million for Transit in Corbett Transpo Funding Plan

The big news is that it looks like the gas tax increase is the whole plan, and Corbett is only looking to raise $1.9 billion for transportation. That’s a full $1 billion short of the $2.9 billion his transportation funding … More after the jump

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Alcohol Reform and Wages

I really do not understand why some people think that directly paying a couple thousand people higher-than-market wages puts us on track to achieve any progressive goals at all. There is no strategic win that I can see. For instance, you’re … More after the jump

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Pennsylvania’s Tax Code is Hideously Regressive

Pennsylvania’s crazy regressive tax code is an issue I think it would be worth picking a Constitutional amendment fight over: Pennsylvania is one of the “Terrible Ten” states with the most regressive tax structures nationwide, hitting the poor hardest while taking the … More after the jump

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Actually Harrisburg Could Use More “Washington-Style Politics”

ScarJoe is whining about the prospect of merging alcohol reform with transportation funding, because he doesn’t want alcohol reform to pass. He knows that he and most other Republicans would end up voting for it if it was tied to … More after the jump

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PA Gun Owners Support Background Checks 95-4

Keegan Gibson reads the new Quinnipiac poll. Looks like things really are different after Newtown: According to the latest poll from Quinnipiac, Pa. has near-unanimous public support for universal background checks (95% to 5%) and healthy support for a ban … More after the jump

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ScarJoe Doesn’t Want to Stop Subsidizing Failed Liquor Stores in State’s Emptiest Areas

Conservatives love Capitalism and hate subsidizing Takers and all that, except when it comes to rural areas: The LCB operates more than 600 retail wine and spirits store statewide. Scarnati said he wondered whether private retailers would choose to operate … More after the jump

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Pat Toomey to Hurricane Sandy Victims: Drop Dead

Just because *everybody knows* the most conservative member of the US Senate is going to reject disaster relief for families whose whole lives have just been uprooted by a freak storm doesn’t mean Pat Toomey should get off the hook for … More after the jump

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