2013 MuniPocalypse Open Thread

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Municipal issues are my favorite so KP will be all over the 2013 municipal elections beat this year. What races are you watching?

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3 Responses to 2013 MuniPocalypse Open Thread

  1. The Mayoral race in Scranton will be a big one. We made international news for the fiscal disasters we’ve been facing.

    I’ll also be interested in Scranton School Board, as I’ll be a candidate!

    • Jon says:

      Who’s running?

      • Mayor Doherty just announced he will not run for re-election, so it’s just the Tax Collector, Bill Courtright, as of right now. That’s on the Democratic side (the only side that tends to count in Scranton). Gary Lewis, who you occassionally cite here, said he’ll run as a Republican. But he had some pretty embarassing testimony at the commuter tax hearing. He billed himself as a distressed municipal finance consultant, but when asked how many clients he’s had/served, the answer was zero. I’d say he’d not have much of a shot anyway.