A Great Morning for Bruce Castor

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Quinnipiac finds Tom Corbett’s political base has disappeared. Republicans may need Bruce Castor to have a shot at holding the office:

There is a large gender gap in today’s results, as women disapprove 45 – 31 percent while men approve 41 – 37 percent. Republicans approve by a lukewarm 52 – 25 percent. Disapproval is 57 – 24 percent among Democrats and 39 – 36 percent among independent voters.

There is no strong base of support for Gov. Corbett among any income or age group or in any region of the state.

The governor does not deserve to be reelected, Pennsylvania voters say 51 – 31 percent, including 54 – 24 percent among women and 48 – 38 percent among men. Only 49 percent of Republicans say Corbett deserves to be reelected.

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